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Buying a yurt needs careful consideration as they are quite an investment. If you are thinking of buying a yurt, we always recommend that you visit the manufacturers and view the product and materials before making a purchase. Not all yurts are the same!

Yurts like to be used, they like to be kept warm, dry and aired, essential in the damp British climate.

We recommend the use of woodstoves as these will help dry out any moisture in the air and materials. Ideally, if a sited yurt is only for occasional use, the stove should be lit at least a couple of times a week to prevent excessive damp.It is our professional opinion that under no circumstances should a yurt be left up through the winter months if it is not used. This will only lead to problems with, damp, mould and rot issues.

If a stove is not fitted, any form of dry heat is good. i.e. electric convector heaters. We do not recommend gas heaters as they create humidity. We do now recommend that carbon monoxide detectors are fitted for safety if a woodstove is installed.

Any build up of damp may create mildew on the canvas which will eventually spread to the poles. We recommend re-oiling your yurt poles once a year. This will increase their longevity by resisting moisture penetration.

During any snowy periods it is essential that you do not allow snow to build up on the roof.

Yurt covers will need cleaning and re-proofing from time to time. This varies depending on the canvas colour and position of the yurt.

Consideration should be given regarding the area the yurt is to be sited. Things to think about are; prevailing wind, surrounding trees, damp ground.

With proper care and treatment, your yurt will give you many, many years of use and pleasure!















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